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We manufacture SafeoutTM patented safety release systems for free-heel skiing. Safeout is an integrated release and brake system that fits in the space of a typical binding 'riser'. It is compact and lightweight yet rugged and affordable. Safeout is compatible with commercial bindings from several manufacturers.


First and foremost, the Safeout helps protect you by releasing the binding from the ski under all of the following conditions...


    Falling forward

    Falling backward

    Falling to the side


    Vertical lift


Safeout is the only system to release in all these directions!


Safeout's unique double action brake eliminates the need for a strap or leash to prevent the ski from traveling when separated from the skier. The brake deploys both on accidental release (a fall) and planned exit (stepping out of ski). The brake is thus deployed whenever the skier is not actually in the ski, making it easier to step into the ski and prevent ski run-aways. Simple step-in action lifts the brake.


Safeout incorporates two features that are advantageous in avalanche conditions- Safeout releases in a vertical lift (as well as twisting and falling) and provides a brake system that does not require a strap or leash, which can trap you in an avalanche.


Safeout offers a level of protection comparable to alpine skis. It has been tested by vigorous telemark and cross-country skiers. It is a rugged system that releases at the adjustable DIN setting, without excessive "pre-release".




Releases in all directions

Double-action, step-in safety brake.

Lightweight (approx 16 oz per side, including brake)

Compatible with popular commercial bindings from several manufacturers.

Utilizes standard Telenorm hole pattern with optional 4th hole.

Release torque adjusted with standard DIN settings from 4 to 12 .

Quick release lever for easy step-in and planned exit

Optional crampon pivot.

Suitable for Cross Country, Backcountry and Alpine skiing.

Compatible with free-pivot bindings




Models for Narrow, Standard or Wide skis

Integrated brake or safety leash

Binding-specific Accesories kits


Why do I need Safeout? Unprotected BindingSafeout Release


Skiing is a risky sport. While downhill skiers have enjoyed the protection of release bindings for years, most Telemark and Cross-country skiers have not. Safeout systems provide protection comparable to alpine bindings at a fraction of the weight, bulk and cost. The Safeout release interfaces between ski and bindings from several manufacturers, so use it with your favorite binding.


The principle behind the SafeoutTM Release

Click diagram on right to view animationA typical free-heel binding is screwed directly to the ski, or to a plastic riser as shown in the diagram on the left. When you step into the binding you literally become "one with the ski". In the event of a fall, your leg twists and bends. The ski behaves as a lever that can apply a very large torque.


The Safeout system utilizes the same force which threatens to cause injury to release you from the ski. It's a truly elegant design that releases the binding when the force is considered 'risky', including a fall forward, backward, twisting around the leg-axis, to the side, (actually 360 degrees in any direction) and even a vertical launch. The mechanisms performing the ski release and brake functions are contained within the space occupied by most commercial binding risers. (The-Safeout system lifts the boot off the ski from 32mm to 38mm, depending on binding type.)


Sound simple? Actually, the technology involved is space age.


The person who designed this system is Bryce Wheeler, retired Chief Scientist for Hughes Aircraft who developed over 100 patents for Hughes during his career. Bryce is an avid outdoorsman and skier who developed this product for the safety of his friends. It has been in development for over 12 years.


SafeoutTM release systems can be used by all telemark and cross country skiers, regardless of their skiing ability. Safeout  provides release protection for skiers from 80 to 250+ lbs. Safeout is adjustable to your weight and skiing style. It offers easy step-in with integrated double-action ski brake (or single action with leash)


A ski brake prevents the ski from "running away" in the event of a fall. This is for your convenience and the safety of skiers downhill from you. The Safeout configuration completely frees you from the ski in the event of a fall, reducing the chance of serious collision with your skis. On release, the skier is no longer tethered to the ski which could be life threatening in avalanche conditions.  The integrated double-action brake deploys "automatically" when the binding is released from the ski, or when you step out of the binding.


Product Feature Summary


    Thin & lightweight yet rugged


    Tension release lever for easy step-in and planned exit

    Integrated, automatic double-action ski-brake system

    Allows one pair of skis to accept multiple binding types

    Works with existing Telenorm hole pattern

    Easy Installation


    Optional Step-in and heel lockdown




Safeout release units have an adjustment screw on the front end of the release unit. The adjustment screw allows you to set the release force for your weight and skiing style. It should be set as low as practical without releasing under controlled skiing conditions. Various tests can be performed at the time of setting to determine whether the Safeout is set appropriately. The skill level, weight of the skier, stiffness of ski boot, and the terrain are all important factors. The first time you set up your Safeout release you will set the adjustment for your weight, then make small adjustments for your skiing style. Complete written instructions are included.


What do I get?


A Safeout system consists of two Release units for your ski width, two Adapter units (right and left), Universal risers for double action brakes, mounting screws, parts specifically needed for your binding type, and detailed instructions. The alternative Smartheel - providing cable bindings additional step-in and lockdown features.


The Safeout double action brake can be converted to single action or removed entirely. A safety leash can be added to any brake configuration.


Advantages of Telebry Safeout


There are three main advantages of the Telebry Safeout over the other release systems -


1) The Telebry Safeout releases in all directions. It is an "all-degree-of freedom" release- twist, vertical lift, falling backward, falling to the side. All other release mechanisms are primarily "Twist", with little (if any) functionality in other directions.


2) The Telebry Safeout has a double-action brake. The Telebry brake is deployed in two different circumstances- while you are carrying the skis during transport, and when you release during a fall. Single-action brakes are not deployed when you are transporting the skis. Transport braking keeps the ski from running away if you drop it, and also makes it easer to step in on a slope.


3) The Telebry Safeout has a latch that reduces the step-in force. This makes it much easier to get onto the ski in the snow. No other release has this feature.




Telebry Inc. products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase. If a part fails during this period, contact us for repair or replacement at no charge. We will pay shipping back to you for all parts under warranty. Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty.