Free storage and Transport Protection leashes:  Are available to DAB Binding users on request.



Telebry Inc. successfully provides releases for over two dozen Telemark bindings.  Of these, Bryce's favorite selection through the years with superior features for older telemark skiers (up to 100 years old), are:  Modified Telebulldog and Linken pictured here.

Advantages of these selections are:

  • Classic telemark boot, 75 mm 3-pin

  • Double action brake, not requiring safety leashes on the brake models

  • Direct Step In binding

  • Telebry Release Unit with all degree of freedom adjustment  range of DIN 4 to DIN 12

All 2018 Telebry Safeout Release Sets include two assemblies per ski, a Release Unit set on the skis and an Adapter Unit pair attached to the binding which releases the binding from the ski when overloaded or manually unlocked from the Release Unit.  All models have the identical release mechanism and range of release settings from 4 DIN to 12 DIN.

Safeout Sets include standard and narrow binding adapter units with tapped mounting holes available for attaching up to two dozen different commercial telemark bindings.

  • Standard and Narrow width Safeout sets available in the Basic model, equipped with a selection of narrow, standard, or wide ski brakes.

  • Lighter T&T Safeout model release set available, not equipped with brakes.

The Standard binding adapter units for Standard Basic and T&T Safeout release sets allow skis and bindings mounted to adapters to be interchangeable.  All Basic release units are compatible with tour/tele mode bindings such as AXL, Switchback, Ascent, Enzo, and BD-01 bindings with single action brakes.  The X-Safeout is an exception that is specifically adapted for Voile 3-pin touring bindings.